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About East Van

East Van has a strong geographic and community identity. This identity is about a diverse community living together within a dynamic urban neighbourhood. This diverse identity is strengthened by many ethnic communities, a vibrant artistic presence, a politically engaged youth population, and many active gender-identity groups.

East Van also offers many exciting shopping districts. One of the trendiest spots is "Antique Row" located on Main Street, between 14th and 33rd Avenues. It features antiques and country-furniture shops and a wide variety of ethnic restaurants, coffee shops and cafes. Further South is the vibrant Punjabi Market at Main and 49th.

Commercial Drive, known locally as 'the Drive', is home to a large Italian, Portugese and Latin American population. This eclectic shopping and dinning district has a myriad of restaurants, cafes, shops, theatres and galleries, making it a natural gathering place.

Chinatown, near downtown Vancouver, is another bustling shopping district. Experience the many restaurants, specialty shops, and theatres showing Chinese opera and film.





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